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Personal Injury & Medical Malpractice Lawyers


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Welcome to Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester. We look forward to assisting you and your family.

The injury lawyers at our law firm handle personal injury legal cases in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and Minnesota, and are dedicated to fighting for the rights of our clients.

Our experienced team of attorneys has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and we take pride in seeing your personal injury case through to the end. At Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester, we only get paid when you win. You pay nothing upfront, and your initial consultation is always free. 

Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester specializes in the following legal cases: 


doctor holding up an xrayWhenever we enter a medical facility, we are trusting our health and our lives to the medical staff and doctors treating us. 

Doctors and nurses are often overworked and sleep deprived. As a result, medical malpractice is far too common, and medical mistakes are now a leading cause of death and injury across the country. 

If you believe that you or a loved one has been the victim of medical negligence, contact our medical malpractice lawyers for a free case evaluation. Our attorneys specialize in holding medical professionals and facilities responsible for the injuries that they cause, and we have detailed knowledge of the medical malpractice laws in Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia and Minnesota. 

Our medical malpractice attorneys handle all areas of medical negligence, including:


woman leaning on her car after a crash

Recovering after an auto accident takes time, as well as the assistance of an experienced legal team. At Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester, our attorneys work with you and your insurance company to help you get the medical care you need in a cost-effective manner.

If you or a loved one was injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you need experienced legal representation that understands your pain. We will fight for your right to compensation for the negligence that cause you pain, suffering and financial hardship.

Our law firm has a reputation for standing up to insurance companies and holding negligent drivers accountable for their actions. If you were injured in an accident, call (888) 213-8140 and have your claim reviewed for free today.


social security disability benefits lawyersDid you know that most applications for Social Security disability benefits are rejected the first time?

If your application for Social Security benefits was denied, don't give up! At the law offices of Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester, our experienced Social Security disability lawyers have detailed knowledge of our nation's Social Security rules and regulations, and provide free consultations to help review the details of your application.

Why wait? Whether you are filing for the first time or need help with an existing application that has been denied, contact us today by calling (888) 213-8140.  


energy drinks on ice

Energy drinks are marketed as a quick and easy pick-me-up, but the side effects can be deadly. Children, teenagers, and young adults are especially vulnerable to high doses of caffeine.

The high caffeine content in the drinks has been linked to heart arrhythmias, seizures, kidney failure, and sudden deaths. Seemingly healthy adults can also be unexpectedly injured if they suffer from an undiagnosed heart condition.

The attorneys at Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester are helping to lead the fight against these dangerous products. If you have been injured by energy drinks or other highly-caffeinated beverages, GFM Law can help.

Call us today at (888) 213-8140 or use our case evaluation form to learn more about your legal rights. 


Need Legal Help? Let GFM Law Protect Your Rights

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Serious injuries require serious legal representation. If you or your loved one has been injured, get the help you need to recover compensation for your injuries at Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester.

Our attorneys are skilled litigators and negotiators, and will put your best interests first. Whether that means working towards a settlement or taking a case to court, our attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve.


To find out more about how we can help you, call (888) 213-8140 and set up your free appointment today. 

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