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Takata Corporation Associated with Two More U.S. Deaths

Recent deaths in Florida and Texas have brought the total number of deaths linked to faulty Takata airbags to 11 worldwide. The defective safety devices have been shown to explode violently and send shards of metal throughout the cabin of a vehicle. In… Read More

Maryland I-70 Speed Limit Increases

Earlier month, the State Highway Administration increased the speed limit in certain of sections of Interstate 70 in Maryland to 70 miles per hour. According to the State Highway Administration, traffic engineers conducted a safety review of collision… Read More

Deadly Distracted Driving #1 Concern for Maryland Drivers

According to AAA, distracted driving is the most deadly driving habit in Maryland and residents are rightfully concerned about its fatal dangers. More than texting and driving or posting a picture on Instagram when behind the wheel, distracted driving… Read More

Study Shows Statins Can Cause Extreme Muscle Pain

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that statin drugs lead to extreme muscle pain in some patients. According to the study, 42.6 percent of patients experienced muscle side effects while taking a statin medication,… Read More

Honda Quietly Requested New Takata Airbag Design in 2009

Newly released internal memos and presentations reveal that in August 2009, after ruptured airbags were linked to a fatality and four injuries, Honda quietly asked for a “fail safe” design change to Takata’s airbag inflator. The news is significant because… Read More

Older Drivers with Fall Histories have Increased Crash Risk

New research by the AAA Foundation reveals that senior drivers who have fallen are 40 percent more likely to be involved in an auto accident as compared with other drivers with no fall histories. Falls often result in serious injuries, which can greatly… Read More

Jury Awards $500 Million Verdict in Pinnacle Hip Implant Case

A Texas federal jury held manufacturing giant Johnson & Johnson responsible for five patient’s injuries caused by the Pinnacle hip implant produced by the DePuy unit of Johnson & Johnson. The patients were awarded $500 million for what the jurors concluded… Read More

FDA Orders Update to Chemo Drug Taxotere Warning Label

In December 2015, the Food and Drug Administration ordered that the warning label for the chemotherapy drug Taxotere be updated to include risks for permanent hair loss or alopecia. Although hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy for many… Read More

Potholes Costing U.S. Drivers Billions

A recent study conducted by AAA has found that over the last five years, 16 million American drivers have incurred $15 billion in damage to their cars as a result of potholes. That equates to almost $3 billion a year. Impact with a pothole can result… Read More

Permanent Hair Loss Likely After Being Given Taxotere

Everyone knows that women who undergo chemotherapy for breast cancer often lose their hair.  The good news for these patients is that the hair generally grows back 4-6 weeks after stopping chemotherapy. Taxotere is a drug manufactured by Sanofi Aventis… Read More

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