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Maryland Accident Injury Lawyers

Maryland Stiffens DUI Penalties

As of Oct. 1, drunk drivers in Maryland who cause the death of another during a drunk driving accident will face much stiffer penalties. The new penalties, passed into law by the Maryland General Assembly in May of this...Read More

What to Do After an Auto Accident

Moments after a collision, a victim may be disoriented or confused about what just happened. Although it is estimated that a licensed driver will be involved in a collision once every 18 years, many people do not know what ...Read More

The Impact of School Sports on Children

As more and more students join in on school sports, many are suffering from serious and even debilitating injuries. Children are susceptible to injuries no matter if they are playing contact sports or engaged in non-contact...Read More

The Importance of Defensive Driving

Every driving situation is different and drivers never know what to expect when they head out on the road. This is why defensive driving techniques are so important. The tips below can help you defend yourself against ...Read More

Guidelines for Giving a Good Deposition - Part 2

In part two of this series, Goldberg, Finnegan & Mester provide further guidance on giving a good deposition. The following is some basic advice regarding depositions. LISTEN TO THE QUESTION Frequently,...Read More

Guidelines for Giving a Good Deposition - Part 1

While many individuals prefer settling a personal injury claim, there are times when a lawsuit may need to be filed and a claimant may have to go to trial. Your deposition will greatly impact the outcome of your personal injury...Read More

Study Shows Older Cars Cause More Teen Deaths

Parents should think twice about purchasing an older car for their teen in the hopes of saving money. A recent study shows that older cars are much more dangerous than newer models and can increase your child’s risk of...Read More

Link between Traumatic Brain Injury and Aggressive Driving

A new study reveals that people who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries could be more likely to engage in aggressive driving. Researchers wanted to find out if there is a link between aggressive driving and people who...Read More

Labor Day DUI Crackdown

With Labor Day approaching, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has kicked off its annual “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign to curb drunk driving. More than 10,000 law enforcement...Read More

GM Fund Rejects 90 Percent of Ignition Switch Claims

In 2014, General Motors announced the recall of more than 2.6 million vehicles due to faulty ignition switches. The faulty switches, which could be accidentally knocked out of the “run” position, disconnecting power...Read More

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