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124 Deaths Linked to GM Faulty Ignition Switch – Others Excluded from Compensation

According to a recent report from the General Motors (GM) compensation fund for victims of the company’s faulty ignition switch, there have been 124 deaths and 266 injuries tied to the defect. If you or someone you...Read More

Maryland Ranks Poorly for Drunk Driving

How does Maryland compare with other states when it comes to DUI penalties and prevention? According to a recent study by WalletHub, not very well. WalletHub ranked Maryland number 47 in the country, which makes it the...Read More

Two Vehicle Accident in Port Republic Results in Passenger Fatality

Members from the Maryland State Police and Calvert County Sheriff's Office have recently released details on a fatal, two-vehicle accident that took place near Parkers Creek Road and St. Leonard Road on Sunday, June 28th....Read More

Flawed Reporting Procedures at NHTSA & Takata Corp

More than 30 million recalled vehicles, 80 percent of which have not been fixed, are endangering millions of Americans. The Department of Transportation’s recent report details the procedural problems that have led...Read More

Have You Checked to See if Your Car Has Been Recalled?

With the sheer number of vehicles that have been recalled over the last 18 months, it is very likely that the vehicle of someone in your family has been recalled. To be safe, car owners should review the vehicle history...Read More

Car Accident Damages: What Would I Get?

In a single moment, a daily commute that results in a serious auto accident can lead to severe injuries and financial ruin. Injured auto accident victims may find themselves unable to work while they continue to accrue...Read More

Amtrak’s Liability Limited in Tragic Train Accident

Despite the fact that Amtrak train operator Brandon Bostian was operating the train at double the speed limit, Amtrak failed to provide its passengers with seatbelts, and Amtrak failed to implement available safety technology...Read More

Deadly Amtrak Train Accident Likely Due to Negligence and Equipment Failure?

According to The Washington Post, Amtrak trains have been derailing with increased frequency in recent years, and there have been about 9 derailments already in 2015 (compared with under five in 2012 and 2013, and six in 2014)....Read More

Ford Recalls Almost 600,000 Additional Cars

On Wednesday, April 29, Ford Motor Co. announced that approximately 600,000 vehicles would be recalled due to steering defects caused by rusty bolts. The vehicles that were included in the recall are the 2013-15 Ford ...Read More

Ice Cream Recalls Raise Questions About Listeria

This just in: testing finds more listeria in Jeni’s ice cream, this time at its Columbus ice cream plant. According to the company’s CEO, testing suggests listeria was present in other pints, from the same batch...Read More

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